What People Are Saying

"Joe Mayers did an excellent job in his portrayal of 'The Bema.' This presentation could very well change the way you think about eternal rewards!"

Steve Douglass

President Emeritus - CRU

"Joe Mayers presents a powerful drama on the Judgment Seat of Christ that deeply touches everyone in the audience. I’ve seen him present The Bema Live twice at major conferences and heartily recommend his ministry to you."

Bruce Wilkinson

Author - "The Prayer of Jabez," "The Dream Giver"

President - Teach Every Nation

For the followers of Jesus, God has offered amazing insights to prepare for their transition into Eternity. The Bible tells us about the lifetime evaluation that Jesus plans to have with each of us, yet most Christians are unfamiliar with this profound encounter. In his dramatic depiction of the Bema, Joe Mayers brings this truth to life in a way that leaves his audience deeply impacted and spiritually transformed. You need to see - and, prepare for - the Bema!

Bob Shank

Founder/CEO - The Master's Program

“There are actors whose performances are so seamless and authentic that they carry the audience along with them on a virtual emotional rollercoaster, culminating in a thrilling journey engaging mind, heart, and soul. Joe Mayers' stellar performance of THE BEMA is a tour de force that surpasses mere entertainment as it holds up the mirror to mankind shattering the façade of the Everyman while leaving one filled with renewed hope and a sense of godly purpose. Joe’s deft handling of light-hearted humor in such a profoundly serious piece reveals a genuine finesse at his craft. Every moment rings true as there is not a single false note. As a Christian, I appreciate Joe’s accurate and poignant portrayal of the magnitude and scope of God’s Bema Seat Judgement. The material itself is enlightening and thought-provoking, yet it is Joe’s inspiring performance that will impact the hearts and lives of everyone blessed to be ushered into THE BEMA.”


Wendee Wilhelm Occhipinti

MFA Acting - FSU Asolo Conservatory

"Joe Mayers' presentation of The Bema is life changing!  You visit the very presence of God and you return with a new perspective on life!  This drama is one of the most powerful tools the Jesus Film Project has found to create passion for God and living whole-heartedly and joyfully for Him."

Erick Schenkel

Former Director - The Jesus Film Project


"The Bema Live has proven invaluable as we seek new ways to inspire people toward generosity. It speaks the Biblical principle of stewardship directly to the heart and we have witnessed the results. Since we started having this dramatic piece at our fund-raising conferences, lives have been changed, eyes have been opened, and the generosity of our partners has increased exponentially. I highly recommend you bring The Bema Live to your next event; it will galvanize those present to see stewardship in a new light and motivate them to think eternally."


Curt Hensley - Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Jesus Film Project; CEO, Impact Payments Recruiting.

"Every once in awhile you stumble upon some gem that changes your perspective forever. Joe Mayers' presentation of The Bema is such a gem. The Bema gives a glimpse into what life will be like as we stand before Jesus--a timely reminder for a generation of people who live for here, and now. Joe’s performance is stellar. This Bema will alter how you view life, and how you do life. Our church congregation loved it! I can’t recommend The Bema highly enough."

Donna Jones, author of Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, national speaker, and pastor’s wife.