The Bema Live is a one-man dramatic presentation about a raptured man and his experience before the Judgement Seat of Christ. It is a story of loss and reward, love and regret, and finally - glorification! It is a fictional account of a Biblical truth, and depicts a possibility of what may happen at an event all believers will certainly face. 

The drama springs from a book originally penned by pastor Tim Stevenson in the late 1990s. Since then it has been reworked and refined for the stage, and is now performed by Joe Mayers, who received his bachelor's degree in acting from California Baptist University. 


Our aim is to open eyes to the principles of stewardship, generosity, and eternal rewards through the art of storytelling.


The Bema Live seeks to motivate the family of God to action by showing one man's experience before the throne of Christ. Every day is another chance to use what we have been given for God's eternal glory and our eternal good! 

Take a moment to pause, listen, and watch. Consider what you have been given and how you can use it for the glory of God.

Think Forever.


We look forward to a time when every person, everywhere, has had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

Every time The Bema Live is performed, it is with the intention of inspiring the followers of Christ to put their faith into action; of stirring up in them the desire to steward their time, talent, and treasure.

As a non-profit organization, The Bema Live continually works with other ministries to bring this vital message to the world. Through prayer and partnership, we hope to see a future when every believer lives every day in light of eternity.